Art Links Limerick


Art  Links Limerick propose a night-time screening of a series of videos relating to CATA, the Shannon River monster.

These videos will appear for Catdig projected on a building location towards the middle of Catherine St after dusk on Friday and Saturday.Art Links Limerick’s current work focuses on the River Shannon which runs parallel to Catherine St.  The aim is to draw attention to the Shannon by utilising currently existing local myth of Cata the sea creature.  ALL have accumulated footage of sightings of the river creature and use this as a catalyst to explore the culture and community interconnected with the river while also highlighting its presence and its potential and to encourage the public to re-engage with the river itself.

Through these videos the work highlights some of the social issues the River Shannon  currently faces, such as issues of ownership, pollution, conservation and preservation.

By projecting this footage for Catdig, Art Links Limerick aim to disseminate this information within the public sphere.




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