Steve Maher


[Update .  Steve will now be performing on Friday instead of Saturday.]


Over the course of the two days we propose to set up a Kiosk underneath a gazebo  outside Silkes Stationery.  During this time we will be requesting from passers-by immediate contributions to a time capsule project.  In addition we will provide interaction and discussion about the concept of the future, speculation and the idea of legacy.  The request on the two days during the interactions will be that people contribute some form of artefact which they have on their person. This artefact will be catalogued, documented and finally placed within the time capsule to be uncovered in the near or distant future. The contributions within the capsule will be stored by one of the businesses on the street in one of their businesses store rooms.  The guardian of the capsule will be selected at a later date. The theme of the submissions will not be predetermined  by us as stakeholders of the project but rather will be dictated  by the contributions made to the capsule.  The period of time the capsule is hidden will be requested from the contributors to the project from which an average will be derived and this could be within a hundred years or within a thousand.

The aim of this project is to harness a particular moment in time for future speculative society.  The CAT DIG is in its third year on Catherine Street and is a significant moment in the events life span, as the hosts for this particular project it is an important aspect that the project itself is representative of the event and the street. The capsule itself will exist in the form of a website as well as the physical capsule.  Part of the resources provided will be used to purchase the available domain name which can be linked to the CAT DIG site. This micro-project is a part of a larger initiative and will be the first event that we as a group present to the public.


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