Mary Conroy


Mary Conroy is a socially engaged artist/maker with a strong environmental ethos.

Her practice involves the un-building of found objects and combined re-assimilation of parts to create new functional objects.

Her current project Wildroutes employs psychogeographical methodologies to explore and document Limerick City as an everyday urban space.  This is done mainly through photography and mapping.  The main focus of this documentation is urban wildlife and our interaction in this shared space with the non-human community.  The aim of Wildroutes is to encourage and enable users of Limerick City to build their own environment in a way which benefits all inhabitants.  Actions such as seedbombing, guerrilla gardening and building wildlife homes allow beneficial interaction between human and non-human life in the urban space while allowing individual intervention in the urban environment.


Wildroutes will place a number of potted sunflower seedlings in various locations on Catherine Street for the public to find. These locations can be both inside venues and out on the street. The Sunflowers will be clearly labelled with instruction on what to do with the plant (see blurb below). Members of the public are invited to take the sunflower to a new location in the city and plant it. By performing this action the public becomes decision maker and the artist, determining the end result of the action. This intervention is both beneficial to the local ecosystem and empowering to the participant allowing her to consciously influence her own environment.

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