Anastasia Artemeva 102321x

Participation project

Various venues, inc Bourke’s, French’s
Friday and Saturday, daytime




Taking the research in civic-minded street art as well as the science fiction writings of George Orwell and Yevgeny Zamyatin as a starting point, the artist applies current communication technology and its vocabulary to the offline space.  The intention is to explore communications and to draw parallels as well as highlight the cause and effect of our preoccupation with the so-called social networking and the substitution of the real with personal electronic communication devices.

The artist will explore the notion of control, distortion and overflow of information and question issues such as transparency and accessibility, affected by both factual and emotional restriction and exclusion.

This project involves giving away t-shirts, hats, fridge magnets and stickers, all printed with the image of a QR code over the two days of Catdig.


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