The Catherine Street CATDIG originated as an act of exploration related to the SpiritStore art project’s submission to the ev+a  2010 international art event.  Leading from a previous  Limerick City project where space was opened as creative opportunity, SpiritStore walked Catherine Street and introduced itself as a broker to its traders and inhabitants.

Would it be possible to introduce a diverse group of performers and artists to one of Limericks oldest historic streets and embark on a collaborative adventure?  Yes, was the reply.

The enthusiasm of all fuelled random street performance, a playwright interviewing rugby star Jerry Flannery on inspiration, outdoor cinema, storytelling, Art exhibitions, Opera singing in a clothes shop amongst many musical interludes.

Everything was free and open to all. The result was a positive reading of a city centre space and a continuing bond between its inhabitants and a changing group of creative’s.

The CATDIG of 2011 was again curated by the SpiritStore and sponsored by Limerick City Council and Beamish. The repeat success of that weekend cemented the project’s ethos now entering its third year fully owned by the street itself.

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