Artists 2012


What turns space into place?  Is it our interaction and who decides that?  Intervention is now dialogue.

Catdig 2012 invites creatives to once again collectively a Limerick city-centre space.

If you are an artist, or a group of artists, and you’d like to submit a proposal for a piece, please send full details to

.Submission deadline, April 28th.

Acceptance will be confirmed by Friday 4th May.

Details for submission: 


5 attached images of previous art or design work.

Title and material description of intended work.

A short statement (300 words max) about the proposed event / installation and how it is intended to interact in its particular space in Catherine St.


Important information:

Catdig invites innovative directions in presentation and display to extend the breadth of its previous adventures in and around the street.  It is hoped that interested creatives and diverse practitionars are physically able to investigate and explore the space of Catherine St before submission.

Catdig will introduce and assist in display and event management.     Invigilation and equipment requirements are the creative’s responsibility as are all works installation and takedown.

Scheduling on allocated days for performance, talks or timebased work is at the discretion of Catdig.

The boundaries of each submission will be moderated by the Catdig curator respecting each venue’s legal guidelines in regard to insurance and health and safety.  No work should interfere with the working environment of the street.


Lotte Bender. CatDig 2012 Curator.





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